Joseph Rather

Production Manager

In 2012, after leaving his job of 7 years with a mountaineering outfit in Seattle, WA, Joe was introduced to the fine art of Cider. He worked with Capitol Cider, a Cider House in Seattle, WA, from 2012 to 2016 pouring and learning about cider. He stepped out from behind the bar in 2016 to begin his cider production career with Seattle Cider Company and Two Beers Brewery.


Along the way, Joe became a Level 1 Certified Cider Professional, the first certification for professionals given by The US Association of Cider Makers. He next completed the Cider and Perry Fundamentals with Peter Mitchell, through the Northwest Agriculture Business School in Mt. Vernon, WA. His most recent move back to Charlotte, NC with his wife and family brought him the exciting opportunity to begin a new adventure in cider making with Good Road Ciderworks.


When not making cider Joe likes to be hiking, camping, snowboarding, climbing, traveling and enjoying life with his family and dogs. He also enjoys video games, sour beer, Nick Harkaway novels, the idea of treehouses, and gin. Joe comes from Texas where everything is bigger, even the apples.