Kevin Martin

Head of Fermentation, Lab and Information Technology

A native Charlottean, yes there are some, has been crafting mead, cider, and beer since 1994. He has won several hundred awards in competition. These include CBOY Mead and Cider Maker of the Year for North Carolina. 4 of his 12 top 3 finishes were 1st place.

He is a Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) National Judge (one of about 835 holding that rank or higher). He also has the BJCP Mead Judge Endorsement. In addition, Kevin has served as President, VP of Education, and on the board of the Carolina BrewMasters, a local homebrew club. As an aside, the Carolina BrewMasters, were AHA Radagast Homebrew Club of the Year during his tenure.

As an IT professional  (MCSE, Unified Communications) transitioning to Cider and Mead making professionally was pleasant. The logical and process driven grind coupled with the creative animus of bringing craft beverages to life is a “best of all worlds” scenario!

Away from the Cidery, Kevin enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, watching football and boxing. He also spends time participating in church activities. Lastly he loves dividing the world into things that can be fermented versus those that cannot!